About Us



We are open and honest within our team and with our clients.  We say what we mean, and mean what we say.


Adherence to standards and processes is the way we produce consistently high results.


Occasionally things go wrong.  It’s how we put things right that sets us apart.


We are constantly looking for, or creating, the best products to achieve excellent client and environmental outcomes.


We always strive for consistent high quality outcomes. We advise and act to the best of our ability every time.

What drives us to create amazing results every day?

ecoMaster was created to reduce the environmental impact of existing homes. It was created by two people who wanted to do something practical about climate change. It is STILL why we are passionate about what we do.

If your home is too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer and has huge energy bills, ecoMaster can fix that, permanently and without structural change to your home.

ecoMaster retrofits homes and small commercial premises to be:

  • comfortable all year round
  • more cost effective to run
  • much quieter
  • protect occupants from heatwaves
  • better for the environment

Comfortable, low carbon living is highly achievable.

Your ecoMaster team…

Employee crews install these solutions with precision and care.  All installers are recruited via green channels and thoroughly trained by our Technical Director’s online and on-site training regime.  ecoMaster has excellent connections with quality providers of complementary solutions to provide a complete retrofit; solar panels, solar hot water, window coverings, shading etc.  

Products are chosen to align with our philosophy of sustainability, quality, functionality, longevity and aesthetics. Where the market fails to supply solutions to these standards, we have developed our own innovative products, which have firmly established us at the forefront of this (still) fledgling industry.

Without doubt, ecoMaster’s critical driver is our passion for the environment.  “Passion” may be a tame description, “obsession” may be more apt.  Regardless, it is that dogged persistence to maximise  environmental outcomes that keeps ecoMaster achieving amazing results for our clients.

Our Awards

  • Winner of Business of the Year 2016 
  • Winner of Innovation and Enterprise 2016

  • Winner  of Sustainability Award 2016
  • Finalist of Small Business Award 2016
  • Winner of Sustainability Award 2015
  • Finalist of Small Business Award 2015

  • Finalist of City Switch 2015

  • Finalist of Excellence in Professional Services 2014
  • Finalist of Excellence in Online Marketing 2012
  • Finalist of Excellence in Retail Services 2012
  • Finalist of Excellence in Professional Services 2012

  • Finalist of Inventor of the Year Award 2011

  • Winner of Excellence in Professional Services 2011
  • Winner of Excellence in Professional Services 2010
  • Finalist of Excellence in Professional Services 2009

  • Winner of HIA Professional of the Year 2009
  • Finalist of Excellence in Professional Services 2009

  • Finalist of Excellence in Customer Services 2008 
  • Winner of Excellence in New Business 2007

How do I get started?

Make a smart start to your energy efficiency retrofit.
Want to take meaningful action to have a more environmentally sustainable home? To achieve the maximum benefits for your investment, get the whole picture with an ecoHome Assessment.

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[The installers] were fantastic. They were very friendly and knowledgeable and the work they carried out is first-class. They are great ambassadors for your business.

AM, Ballarat

Read more about ecoMaster’s humble beginnings.