Passionate People Making a Difference
… One Home at a Time

At ecoMaster, we’ve assembled a like-minded group of talented and passionate individuals who take pride in making homes comfortable and improving our environmental footprint.

We’re a growing team and we’re excited to see what you can bring to ecoMaster.


“We create comfortable, low impact homes from existing high energy houses. Why? Because we love our planet and the people who live on it.”

Our Values


We are open and honest within our team and with our clients.  We say what we mean, and mean what we say.


We always strive for consistent high quality outcomes. We advise and act to the best of our ability every time.


Occasionally things go wrong.  It’s how we put things right that sets us apart.


Inventiveness is in our DNA.  We are constantly looking for, or creating, the best products to achieve excellent client and environmental outcomes.


Adherence to standards and processes is the way we produce consistently high results.

Why ecoMaster…

Flexible & Supportive – Choose your days. Life outside of work and family are important to ecoMaster, choose your days to make your life easier.

You’re Our Top Priority – Your safety is our first priority. Your health is a close second.  Give up your gym membership when you work with us because great abs are a sign of a good day’s work!

Let’s Grow Together – We’re on the leading edge of a new industry. ecoMaster is known for our innovation. What does this mean for you? Our training is top notch and extensive. If you want to challenge yourself, this is for you.

Welcoming Team – We have great diverse, supportive team and YOU get to help build and support the inclusive culture.  We have an open door policy and want your ongoing input. Join us for lunch and help yourself to cappuccinos!

Achievement Kick – Your grateful clients will love you for doing a great job on their home and changing their lives! Meet new people everyday. Know that your work makes a real difference to our environment.

Qualities we admire…

– Must share our ‘why?’

– Dedicated to quality

– Team players

– Process driven

– Keen to learn

– Punctual & reliable

– Excellent interpersonal skills

– Highly responsive communication

– Hands on skills

– Health conscious



What Does Our Team Have to Say?

“The first thing I noticed when I first started was the consideration and guidance I received from the lead installers when I knew absolutely nothing. I would go as far as saying all the staff are genuinely friendly, welcoming and helpful. There is a lot to take in and I asked lots of questions and they are more than happy to answer politely and with patience.

I would agree that staff are employed for attitude, consistency and dependability above existing skills but it is handy having done a little bit of building work and being familiar with working with your hands and getting down and dirty. Safety is paramount and this comes from the top which is a pleasure to see, and they have an excellent track record in this department.

It is obvious that the CTO and CEO are totally devoted to building the company, which includes having well trained staff and continuous improvement with the web based induction systems, training videos and ongoing improvements.  All staff receive a copy of customer feedback so every step is taken to include all staff in the process from lead generation to customer satisfaction after job completion which indicates continuous improvement standards.

Finally the CTO and CEO actively practise what they preach as far as environmental and sustainability practises, as is evidenced by their own home and practises, so they walk the talk showing they live their brand.”   Karen, Installer

“As a Home Assessor the thing I really love is when I get to go back to a home a couple of years down the track and the clients have gotten on with not only the things that ecoMaster could help them with but other recommendations we made and hearing what an amazing difference it’s made.  For example, one client ripped out the whole side of their home which was 90% glazing and replaced it with well insulated wall and a modest amount of fantastic double glazing – because we suggested it.  It has transformed the comfort of their home.” Maurice, Home Assessor

“I like working for ecoMaster because everyone is on the same level when it comes to working diligently, transparently and in making sure that the quality of work is nothing but excellent. ecoMaster actually gave me a certain sense of “work pride” as it made me believe that it genuinely cares about the well being of the planet and it’s people.”   Royah, Administration Professional

“ecoMaster is a great and rewarding place to work. I feel valued being part of the team and feel like I make a positive contribution. ecoMaster is very flexible and accommodating to allow for other commitments, mainly uni. There is a good family feel working at ecoMaster and everyone is very friendly.”    Jeremy, Marketing Assistant


We’d love to hear what talents you can bring to the ecoMaster team. We are always looking for like-minded people to help us improve our environment. Enter your details below, and we look forward to being in touch.