ecoMaster Case Studies

Meet some real people making real changes to their comfort, energy costs and carbon emissions…

Residential Retrofit Heroes:


Steps to 7 Stars
Despite constantly running two electric heaters, the owners of this typical 1920s weatherboard home were cold and uncomfortable. Follow this home’s seven step retrofit journey towards an energy rating of 7 Stars. [Read more…]


Timber Framed Weatherboard Home
This growing family found their concrete stumped, weatherboard home to be very hot and uncomfortable in summer, and, despite extensive heating and cooling costs the house remained stubbornly cold in winter. [Read more…]


Two Storey Brick with Timber Flooring
This substantial double storey home was experiencing high utility costs, a need to rationalise the number of electricity meters, and to have a more thermally comfortable home. [Read more…]


The ecoMaster Home
The ecoMaster approach was developed when Lyn and Maurice Beinat received an astronomical winter heating bill in their ‘new home’. Meet the home that planted the seed for Australia’s leading energy efficiency retrofit company. [Read more…]

Commercial Facilities Leading the Way:


Hepburn Town Hall
Built in the 1880s, the majestic Hepburn Town Hall now serves as the headquarters for Hepburn Shire Council and an active hub for community events, craft markets and senior citizens’ services. [Read more…]


Moreland Civic Centre
While many building owners and facility managers have been investigating ways to reduce energy usage, one of Melbourne’s Councils has been quietly putting real measures in place with astounding results. [Read more…]


Baw Baw City Council
When the Environmental Coordinator at Baw Baw Shire Council, contacted us with the goal of reducing the carbon emissions and energy costs, we were only too happy to help. [Read more…]


Sunraysia Energy Savers
Nineteen householders elected to participate in the inaugural energy efficiency program with Mildura Rural City Council. Following their home retrofit, Lyn and Colin were very pleased with the result. [Read more…]

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