At ecoMaster, we take longevity seriously. So, if our products or installation work isn’t
in keeping with our high standards, we’ll happily set it right for you. Learn more below.

ecoHome Retrofit Plan2 yearsN/A
Draught Proofing2 years2 years
ecoGlaze Secondary Glazing7 years7 years
Ceiling and Underfloor Insulation 50 years10 years

ecoHome Retrofit Plan

Our ecoHome Assessment mission is to support you in making educated decisions about retrofitting your home and getting the best possible thermal efficiency result. If you feel in any way that we haven’t clearly defined the path and empowered you to achieve this, we invite you to get in touch with any questions you may have. Read more

Draught Proofing

Our draught proofing solutions are hand-picked for being high-quality, lasting products which are installed with care and precision. If, however, something doesn’t look or perform the way it was supposed to within two years of being installed, we’ll gladly review the solution and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the intended result. Read More

ecoGlaze® Secondary Glazing

Your ecoGlaze® system is guaranteed for seven years provided you’ve carefully followed ecoMaster’s recommended cleaning instructions as detailed on the ecoGlaze® Cleaning Kit provided during your installation. Read More

Underfloor and Ceiling Insulation

Polyester insulation is the best insulation material available for both underfloor and ceiling, in fact, it’s so durable that it’s guaranteed for fifty years! But we understand the real result comes from how it’s installed, so our installation is guaranteed for ten years too. 

TIP: It’s common for other tradespeople to disturb our work after we’ve installed your insulation, and you may not even know it! Please be aware and remind anyone working in your ceiling or under your floor to take care.

Your Obligations

In most cases we’re more than happy to assist you with any concerns you may have with the quality of our products and installation work. However, there are some instances where we won’t be able to assume responsibility, such as:

• excessive wear and tear caused by regular contact with the product
• disturbances to the product caused by other tradespeople working in your home
• use of the products for any other purpose than they were intended
• failure to follow our recommended cleaning, storage and maintenance advice
• continued use of the product after a defect has been detected

How to Make a Claim

This is the easy part. Simply get in touch via email or the contact form on our website to get the ball rolling.