Retirement Planning: Key Ways To Plan A Comfortable Retirement

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Are you planning to retire soon? You’ve probably imagined your retirement years to be a picture of you and your spouse; older, wiser, with silver hair, sitting on the balcony on a slow Sunday afternoon, looking across the garden while recounting the memories of years gone by.

The question is, will you be able to fully bask in such moment if you know you don’t have a fool-proof retirement plan to rely on?

Step back, spare yourself the frustration, and get planning before that day comes.  A smart investment that you can explore as you prepare for retirement is an energy efficiency home retrofit. An all-home retrofit helps reduce the overall energy required to maintain your home by adding thermal efficiency solutions (including home insulations) in the parts of your home penetrable by external air (walls, ceiling, underfloor, windows, doors).

Most important, home retrofit solutions make your home more comfortable in summer and winter while decreasing the heating and cooling energy needed to sustain comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year. Another immediate result of this investment is a much lower energy bill.

Several Australian homes have taken the initiative to retrofit their homes and instantly noticed the massive difference in their thermal comfort and their pockets!

Take the first step to a wise investment

The home retrofit process begins with a thorough energy efficiency assessment to analyse the energy rating of your home and its thermal performance before drafting a personalised retrofit plan. This takes into consideration the factors that help your home lock in thermal comfort including location, structure, and architectural soundness of your home.

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Following these guidelines won’t guarantee a life free from financial setbacks and failures as you transition to retirement. But with thorough planning, having a solid financial preparation, and putting your money in the right investment that elevates your comfort, a worry-free retirement is within reach.

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A whole home energy assessment will show you exactly what needs to be done first to attain a thermally efficient home. Visit this page to select your ecoHome Assessment. For queries, call ecoMaster on 1300 326 627.

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