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Every home is unique and that’s why we offer a range of personalised home assessments according to your needs and circumstances.

ecoMaster assessments are designed to support you in understanding how your home uses the heating and cooling energy that it does, and teaches you how you can optimise its performance to reduce your energy consumption forever.

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An ecoHome PREMIUM Assessment is a thorough and holistic inspection of your home, followed by a comprehensive report detailing the issues and offering solutions as to how you can optimise every aspect of your home and significantly reduce your energy consumption. 

This is the only assessment that includes comprehensive thermal modelling of your home using our own Building Analyser software providing a scientific basis on which decisions can be made with confidence.

This assessment spans the following areas:
• Draught Proofing   • Ceiling Insulation   • Underfloor Insulation   • Wall Insulation
• Shading    • Secondary Glazing (Double Glazing for Existing Windows)

…and some recommendations regarding:
• Heating and Cooling   • Lighting   • Window Coverings   • Reflective Coatings
• Solar Electricity   • Solar Hot Water   • and more …

Solutions are priority sequenced to maximise the return on your investment and your report includes a site-specific visual comparison chart that instantly communicates the potential scope of improvements that can be achieved with each retrofit solution.

I think you have some great product ideas, and my experience with you has been positive, aside from the previous discussion I had with Joel, who has been very good at answering any questions I have put forward.
~ Benjamin C.

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An ecoHome PLUS Assessment delivers a thorough assessment of your home’s draught proofing potential, plus an inspection of your choice of two of the following thermal efficiency solutions:

•  Ceiling Insulation    •  Underfloor Insulation   •  Wall Insulation
•  Secondary Glazing (Double Glazing for Existing Windows)
•  Highlight any other areas that would be contributing to an uncomfortable and costly home.

Your assessment report will detail the thermal efficiency challenges and the potential solutions applicable to these areas of your home alongside the associated costings.

The review went very well. Lots of very helpful advice with no hard sell, and from an expert assessor.
~ Chris B.

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Draught Proofing is the most fundamental step you can take to improving the thermal efficiency of your home, by taking control of air infiltration alone, you can make your home significantly more comfortable and reduce your energy consumption.

An ecoHome AIR Assessment will identify any unnecessary air leakage in your home and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing recommended draught proofing solutions and their associated costs.

Really appreciated efficient and professional work from Will and his colleague. They did great job. Very happy with results.
~ Karen D.

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