Professional Draught Proofing


Keep your winter warmth in and the summer heat out.

Did you know that in many homes, up to 50% of heating and cooling energy is lost due to uncontrolled draught, making your home difficult to heat and cool and costing you a fortune in energy bills.

Draught Proofing is the most important step you can take to improving the thermal efficiency of your home, reducing your energy use and improving your comfort.

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What is draught?

Draught is uncontrolled air movement in a building.

The biggest challenge with air leakage is that the problem is virtually invisible until you receive your high energy bill, but even minor gaps can add up and have a major cost over time.

By professionally draught proofing your home from unwanted air leaks, you can take control of your home’s heating, cooling, ventilation and zoning – making your home more comfortable and protecting you from exorbitant energy bills.

What solutions are available? 

Draught proofing solutions come in many forms, depending on the source of air leakage. They include architectural quality perimeter seals for doors and windows, ceiling exhaust fan seals, fireplace treatments, and solutions for other unsealed gaps and cracks including wall vents, architraves and skirting boards.

ecoMaster’s philosophy is based upon architectural quality, aesthetics, longevity and functionality. Where the market has failed to supply to these standards, we have developed our own innovative solutions, delivering outstanding results

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How it works…

Draught proofing solutions are applied to seal off unwanted air leakage, preventing the outdoor temperature from impacting on your comfort, and keeping the need for additional heating and cooling to a minimum.

Our solutions do not inhibit the operation of doors, windows, fireplaces and ceiling exhaust fans, allowing you to keep your home ventilated as you please.

The benefits of draught proofing…

✓     Eliminates unwanted air leakage
Reduces the amount of heating and cooling energy required to keep your home comfortable
Allows full control of ventilation
Visually integrating maintains the aesthetic appeal of your home
High quality solutions that last the lifetime of your home
Does not inhibit the operation of your doors, windows, fireplaces and ceiling exhaust fans
Draught proofing products and installation work guaranteed for 2 years, click here to learn more.

It begins with an ecoHome Assessment…

All ecoHome Assessments include a thorough analysis of your home’s draught proofing potential. Our trained assessors target and specify the most effective solutions for your doors, windows and all gaps and cracks in your home.

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I’m delighted with the results from ecoMaster’s draught proofing.  Naturally I had expectations, but was amazed at the immediate and visible impact.  I feel warmer, I’m running the heating on average 1-2 degrees lower, the house it retaining its warmth better and the heating doesn’t reboot nearly as often as it did.  I’m now looking forward to seeing this reflected in our heating bill.


Doesn't draught only come in under doors?

Often, sealing underneath a door isn’t adequate in preventing unwanted air leakage in your home, as draught enters via any number of areas including around windows, architraves, skirting boards, through wall vents, open exhaust fans and chimneys and zoning options.

A professional assessment targeting air infiltration will illuminate for you all unnecessary air leakage and prescribe tailored solutions to enable you to control the ventilation of your home.

Why have a draught proofing assessment?

An ecoHome Assessment will identify any unnecessary air leakage in your home and provide you with a comprehensive report specifying recommended draught proofing solutions and their associated costs.

Your inspection will cover doors, windows, architraves, skirting boards, wall vents, exhaust fans, chimneys and zoning options.

What does it cost?

ecoMaster offer a range of assessments, all of which evaluate and specify solutions for unwanted air leakage.

An ecoHome Air Assessment will cost $285*. Our assessor will spend 2 hours inspecting all areas of your home.

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*An out of area travel charge may apply depending on your location.

Will my home become stuffy after it's sealed?

Our draught proofing solutions are designed to prevent uncontrolled ventilation in your home. Ventilation is both necessary and desirable and remains the householder’s choice to control.

Our solutions do not inhibit the operation of doors, windows, fireplaces and ceiling exhaust fans, allowing you to keep your home ventilated as you please.

Want to Do It Yourself?

Draught proofing a home usually requires many components and the knowhow to install them so that they work their best in the long term. If you have basic DIY skills and want to tackle Draught Proofing of your home then we can help by providing access to our unique range of products and comprehensive video instructions that includes ecoMaster’s great range of Draught Dodgers.
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